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Our Courses

Our courses places emphasis on health and healing practices derived from various philosophical and cultural traditions, use of spirituality in counseling, human values in cross-cultural perspectives and new approaches to psychological assessment and interventions.

Course Content

Self-learning is the mainstay of this course. The course covers the theory topics and provides a foundation for acquiring knowledge, attitudes and skills during practical training. In considering the study time commitment to the course, candidates should allow for at least double the amount of time on the course to be spent on personal study time.

Our Teachers  

The course aims to train in-service teachers, teacher educators, and untrained guidance personnel as counselors/teacher counselors to guide and counsel students in school and other related settings.

Highly Qualified Faculty with years of experienced into teaching, training, research and practice in the field of counselling & Psychology. 

Course Structure

Theory: The course consists of core components in guidance and counseling processes and procedures, major theories of human adjustment and career development, and their application in counseling, psychological assessment and appraisal, and use of career information in guidance and counseling practices. The content also includes counseling for special groups of students, crisis situations and other issues arising from multicultural forces, globalization, industrialization etc. that have implications for guidance and counseling practices.

Practical Work: The course includes intensive training in practical work integrated with the theory components which is later conducted and supervised in schools. Enrichment lectures, seminars, workshops, demonstrations, self-study and reflective sessions are also important features of the practical training.

Internship: Internship or ‘on-the-job experience’ is an important component of this course. Trainees undergo internship in actual work setting to try out and further refine the understanding and skills acquired from theory and practice.


Admission Procedure 

Candidates can apply by following the Institute’s Admissions Policy which requires applications to be made in writing by submitting a Course Application Form along with an A4 page detailing their reasons for wishing to attend the course. A personal interview will be required prior to being offered the course. Candidates will need to show they have the basic qualities and potential that would enable them to become a responsible and capable counselor. They will also need to demonstrate interpersonal skills and a willingness to participate in the experiential work of the group.


At the application process, candidates who are offered the course will be required to complete a Learning Support Form, in order to identify any special learning needs they may have. Psyuni Trust can then determine whether or not appropriate and sufficient reasonable adjustments can be provided to create a suitably supportive learning environment, without which the offer may need to be withdrawn.

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