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Our Mission

To promote the independence, productivity and inclusion of people and their families throughout the life span.

  • interdisciplinary education

  • research and development

  • information sharing

  • advocacy and outreach

Our Vision

We are working toward a time when all persons in need have the necessary supports and services to live independent and contributing lives in the communities of their choice. Our vision for the future starts with the last person of the society and his family.

  • Children and youth must be provided inclusive education experiences that help them prepare for the world they will face in adulthood.

  • Educational programs must effectively address the long-term problems through prevention and intervention.

  • The rights of people are honored, respected, and protected in all areas of their lives.

  • We will work actively to ensure that students who plan their future in human development related work will have access to interdisciplinary, research-based training experiences involving direct learning from people.

  • PIPAS will promote and conduct research, development, and model demonstration efforts to continually improve state-of-the-art best practices and services.

  • We will act as an accessible information resource, actively sharing our knowledge of resources and best practices with those who administer services and supports and those they serve.

  • PIPAS staff will provide outreach services and consultation to agency staff to identify and resolve the challenges involved in promoting and achieving independence, productivity, and inclusion of people and their families throughout life.

  • We will continue to work in conjunction with families and consumers, advocating for needed resources and services at all levels.

  • PIPAS will remain proactive and progressive as we garner the resources that support our vision and expand the relationships that help us serve as a leader in critical areas of need.

  • PIPAS will maintain an on-campus presence in a fully accessible facility that is convenient and comfortable for agency personnel and consumers to utilize as a resource for training and information sharing.

  • We will seek the best available technology to ensure the optimal use of our resources and opportunities to model our successful use of technology to others.

Our Principles

The following principles guide all of our interactions:

  • We convey esteem and respect for all individuals.

  • We promote individual growth, learning, choices and self-advocacy.

  • We advocate for supports and full access in education, work, recreation and relationships throughout a person's community.

  • We foster creativity, flexibility and collaboration.

  • We cultivate both individual and organizational learning.

  • We champion open and responsive communication.

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